Thanks to Phil Marchese and Al Blue for all the information provided below!
Hopefully this will help us all in some way to ID those wonderful Liberators!

Little Flower

Consolidated D "greenhouse"

I'se A Royal Hawaiian

Turret: A6A
Fairing: OK City D1 mod


Turret: A6A
Fairing: HAD D1 Mod

Forever Amber

Turret: A6A
Fairing: Hard edge; half moon notch with long vertical below.

Early J - CO and CF 

Ding How Dottie

Turret: A6B
Fairing: Wrap; rolled edge from top to bottom

Mid J-CO and CF with A6B only


Back Again To The USA - Boomerang

Turret: A15
Fairing: S or Half S curve; hard edge; half moon notch with short vertical below; elongated dimple

All Ford and Ford assebmlies from FO, DT and CF (H, J-FO, J-DT and J-401-CF, L/M-FO)

Cocky Bobby

Turret: A15
Fairing: Soft edge with short dimple

G-1-NT thru J-NT, Late J-CO, L/M-CO

All American

Turret: A15
Fairing: Rolled edge with sweep forward at the bottom

Late J-CF only; many exports



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