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Mar 1942 - Feb 1946

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 CBI History
Order of Battle, lineage, and insignia information on ALL CBI units. Developed & maintained by Gary Goldblatt as a tribute to his father and all CBI veterans.  (Verified! - 10/15/2017)

  22nd Bomb Squadron Association's Website
 Since September 1997, the 22nd Bomb Squadron Association web page has been published to the Internet.   Visit their site to learn about it and about their book from the Secretary-Treasurer, David Hayward.   (Verified! - 10/15/2017)

 The Burma Bridge Busters
490th Bombardment Squadron contact and reunion information, limited photos. Resurrected with new design maintained by MB Barrett.
FaceBook presence (Verified - 10/15/2017)

  308th Bomb Group - Facebook
  Members share photos, documents, stories and information and conduct discussions related to the 308th Bomb Group's mission and activitiesChina-Burma-India theater during WWII.(Verified! - 10/15/2017)

 7th Bomb Group - Facebook
  Share photos, documents, stories and information and conduct discussions related to the 7th Bomb Group's mission and activities in China-Burma-India theater during WWII.(Verified! - 10/15/2017)

 51st Fighter Group - Facebook
  Members share photos, documents, stories and information and conduct discussions related to the 51st Fighter Group's mission and activities in America's China-Burma-India theater during WWII. (Verified! - 10/15/2017)

  8th Airdrome Squadron - Facebook
  A place to share, gain and discuss 8th Airdrome Squadron's activities and personnel in America's China-Burma-India theater during WWII. (Verified! - 10/15/2017)

Insignia of the 118th Tactical Recon Squadron, WWII 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
Dedicated to the men of the 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, as well as the webmaster's grandfather, Earl J. Davis, a pilot . (Verified! - 10/15/2017)

  Tribute to the Flying Tigers of the 14th Air Force
  A great web site maintained by John Mongell. It includes a special, pictorial history of his father's unit, the 11th Bomb Squadron, as well as some personal WW II veteran's stories.   (Verified! - 10/15/2017)
    (Unfortunately, the web service provider now uses pop-up window advertising, as soon as the window opens!!)

  Imphal, the Hump & Beyond
Bill Bielauskas' fabulous tribute site to the men of "Combat Cargo" continue to grow and evolve. Beginning with info related to his father's flying C-47's over the hump, 6/44 - 1/45 with 3rd Combat Cargo Group's, 10th Combat Cargo Squadron, he has expanded well beyond that with the help of veterans and/or their family members. Much information about the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Combat Cargo Groups.   (Verified! - 10/15/2017)

Foto Jo in CBI
 9th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron China, Burma, India Theater of Operations 1942-45
This site is dedicated to all of the men who served with the 9th Photo Reconnaissance Squadron. To that end we embark upon an endeavor to illustrate the critical role they played in the defeat of Imperial Japan that has otherwise been largely lost with the span of time.  (Verified! - 10/15/17)

  CHINA-BURMA-INDIA; Remembering the Forgotten Theater of World War II
The webauthor has provided an immense archive of materials related to the China-Burma-India Theater of WW II. Offerings currentinly include 'Ex-CBI Roundup' overviews, stories, publications, etc.  (Verified! - 10/15/17)

 Remembering Shared Honor
This website is an open archive of stories, biographies, images, and files related to the China-Burma-India (CBI) theater of war during WWII. Starting with materials collected by the Remembering Shared Honor team, we have already loaded over 5683 images related to the CBI. (Verified! - 10/15/17)

  Barry's Military Web
Barry Dewalt says, "This page is dedicated to my father, MSgt Arthur E. DeWalt (22nd Bomb Squadron) and his friends who did not come back. They sacrificed for our freedom and will NOT BE forgotten.   (Verified! - 10/15/17)

  14th USAAF 27 Troop Carrier Squadron
During it's glorious career the Twenty-Seventh, Hump-"T"-Dumps, flew 6,805 missions over the worse terrain in the World, in the most vicious weather Mother Nature could dream up.   (Verified! - 10/15/17)

  China Days: 1944-1945
  Elmer Bukey's fabulous tribute to the 396th Air Service Squadron, and collection of his and others personal CBI experiences!  Archived for posterity by Larry & Kyle Bumeder.  (Verified! - 10/15/17)

  A Tribute to Frederic N. Hernandez
  This site is Michael Hernandez's tribute to his grandfather, a 2nd Lieutenant bombardier with the 375th Squadron of the 308th Bomb Group. Michael includes information, stories and photos.     (Verified! - 10/15/17)

  The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders
The webauthor comments, "This page is dedicated to my father, Dick Joyce and the other 79 Brave Men whom were in the Doolittle Tokyo Raid. My father was the Pilot of plane #10 which took off of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet on a secret mission to bomb Japan Mainland."   (Verified! - 10/15/17)

  S. Neal's CBI Homepage
 Web tribute to his father, Lt. Col. John J. Gardner (1914-1986) served as a Liaison Officer during World War II in the CBI theater. Site includes photos, stories, & memorabilia his father shared with him. (Verified! - 10/15/17)

  Dad's CBI Page
 Web tribute to Charles E. Hacking (1916-2001) served various officer position in the 8th Airdrome Squadron during World War II in the CBI theater. Site includes photos, stories, & memorabilia. Richard 'Hack' Hacking passed a few months after completing the website in 1998. (Verified! - 10/15/17)

  A Tribute To My Dad WARREN WEIDENBURNER April 16, 1921 - July 20, 1994
  Carl Weidenburner's fabulous presentation of his father's collection of stories and and photos related Warren Weidenburner's CBI experience!     (Verified! - 10/15/17)

This page is a memorial to a real hero, not to just his own family, but to the entire United States. It is the story of Dave's participation in Doolittle's Tokyo Raid.   (Verified! - 8/26/2013)

  the China-Burma-India Theater of WW-II
  Chris Watson's expansion of his original tribut to his father, Leroy. Now expaned to include a few personal stories from CBI veterans.     -
 The closing of the Burma road left only one supply route open to supply the Chinese and American troops fighting on the Chinese mainland . . . the air route from the Assam valley in India over the Himalaya mountains into China. This route became known as "THE HUMP".
A great and promising site for anyone interested in the Hump.   (Verified! - 10/15/17)

new  Sino-Japanese Air War 1937 - 1945
 Håkan Gustavsson's unique website provides a large amount of information related to the activity of Chinese, Japanese, Russian and American air forces combat in China from 1937 to 1945. In addtion to comparative, chronological summaries by year, he includes tables of units active that year including commanders, stations, aircraft type and notes. He also provides list of "ace"   (Verified! - 10/15/17)

Related to U.S. Army Air Forces:

  A Photo Tribute to the B-25H Series
Kevin Anderson's very thorough treatise on the "H" Model of the North American B-25 medium bomber. Lots of specifications, photos and links to more info.     (Verified! - 10/15/17)
  Boyd Thompson's 32nd Bomb Squadron Web Site
Boyd has moved and expanded his tribute to his old squadron. A Place for Old Friends to Get Together, Tell Us Where and How They Are, Record History, and Share Memories and Information about the 32nd Bomb Squadron and Its Members in WWII.   (Verified! - 10/15/17)
 The Eighth Air Force Historical Society
The 8th Air force Historical Society maintain this website to present information related to what is going on with their organization.   (Verified! - 10/15/17)

Related to WW II:
  The Air Force Historical Research Agency
Air Force Historical Research Agency is the home of the world's largest and most valuable organized collection on military aviation. Our holdings consist of over 70,000,000 pages devoted to the history of the United States Air Force. Except for documents that are classified or otherwise restricted, the Agency's collection is open to the public. This homepage provides valuable information about the Agency and its holdings.   (Verified! - 8/26/2013))
  US Army Military History Institute
This section of the U.S. Army Heritage & Education Center preserves the Army's history by ensuring access to historical research materials. MHI serves as the primary research facility for the historical study of the U.S. Army in order to foster a greater understanding of the Army's role in our nation's history and in its future.   (Verified! - 8/26/2013))
  Dad's War
Wesley Johnson's amazing page about his Father's experiences during WWII. This is also the most informative site I have seen about finding and telling someone's story.   (Verified! - 8/26/2013))
  Vintage & Veteran Warbirds
Bill Bielauskas presents us with Images of Vintage & Veteran Warbirds from Official Sources, Air-to-Air with Robert S. DeGroat - Images of Current flying Warbirds, and other warbird links.   (Verified! - 8/26/2013))
  Fighter Writer's Briefing Room
The site presents images and books about warbirds from noted warbird writer Jeff Ethell's perspective.
  NOTE: Jeff met his untimely death in June 1997, while flying his 'dream bird', a P-38 Lightning.   (Verified! - 8/26/2013))