Willard 'Bill' Mumford -- Proud Humpflyer!!

My internet friend departed this world on 28 Sep 2000.
We wish him the smoothest flying on his final mission!

      The Hump, as it was dubbed by the pilots of the China- Burma-India Theatre during World War 2, is that monsterous range of mountains that contains Everest, K2 and some others.  It stretches across between China, India and Burma. The C-47 (or Dakota) was not designed for that duty. With a full cargo load we did well to get to 14,000 feet and mountains we flew past went between 15,000 and 29,000 feet !!

Willard G Mumford

    We present the 'Hump' logo and  Photo's and text of Willard G. Mumford's Jacket thru the generosity of Leigh Gough,.  Leigh, a kind person and fine poet, originally presented them on her web site; giving them to us when it closed.

Our offering, Memories of Cargo and the 'Hump', comes from emails to us in which Bill reminisces about his days of flying cargo, the aircraft, the places he went and people he knew.

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